IBOGAINE TREATMENT: The Only Effective Addiction Treatment Method in the World

ibogaine treatment

ibogaine is one of the best drugs used in recent years to withdraw drug addicts from their severe addiction towards alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methadone, suboxone, and others. Treatment using this drug traces us back to 1962 when a famous American scientist Howard Lotsof found out that this wonder drug has some rigorous anti-addictive properties which would eventually present a wonderful cure for drug dependency problems. It is a long process where a biochemical reaction takes place in the body of the patient using both natural and western therapies and medicine.

It can also be termed as a psychoanalytic process which stops its patients from withdrawal symptoms and reduced cravings. When compared to the typical drug withdrawal methods used in the West, this is whole lot easier with immediate results. Moreover it also improves the behavioural problems in non-addicted people by stimulating the brain cells that affects human behaviour.

It follows a multi-prong approach where it minimises the negative effects and instils a positive attitude which finally reduces cravings. The treatment follows the following simple steps:

First Stage - It inhibits cravings for drugs, addictions, etc.,  in almost one hour the person will be dreaming and in an awakened state visualizing the past experiences and thoughts.

Second stage - It starts working on liver and converts itself into nor-iboga form by depositing on the body fat where the time taken during this phase will be two to three months. It is sometimes called an introspection period where the patient evaluates himself.

Third Stage - New drug receptors starts growing in the neurons of the brain of the patient and normal dopamine functions in the body. At this stage the patient finds himself relieved of his past addictions and expresses his renewed approach towards life.

Before going for this naturopathic treatment proper due medical examinations are to be administered beforehand on the patient to find out whether the patient is ailing from liver, heart, or any lung infections. Even though this treatment still offers a plenty of options to these type of patients to go for a complete and proper healing. Temporary side-effects are also observed to this kind of treatment like reduced pulse rate, tremors, vomiting, nausea, low blood pressure, muscular discomforts. and such kind of minor ailments.

Occasionally, this kind of treatment leads to residual withdrawal symptoms where additional doses may also be require to curb those residual symptoms. But it is a humane approach to kill prolonged addiction towards opiate, stimulant, and non-physiologically dependant alcohol addictions.  

Several ibogaine treatment centers have been opened worldwide with plush facilities i.e. great outdoor activities and family camping. For this, best family tent and other camping gear is provided for the patients.  These centers are safe, hygienic, result oriented and always reliable. But one has to go for the best one with positive attitude, because with the right kind of attitude the required treatment could be done without any unnecessary additional dosage of Ibogaine.

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